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Call for Papers: CASMI proceedings

The full set of challenges in the
CASMI contest (Critical Assessment of Small Molecule Identification, http://
went online a few weeks ago. Now is the time to plan the special issue of the MDPI
journal Metabolites, which will make up the proceedings of CASMI.

Please also note that we will send a mail to the casmi-announce mailing
list shortly, with updates on the CASMI participation and evaluation
details. Remember to sign up to the list(s) if you haven’t already.

              Call for Papers: CASMI proceedings

The special issue will contain our summary articles, where we give
details about the challenge compounds, solutions, evaluation measures
and comment on the success of your submissions. But the main content
will be your articles about your participation: we are really interested
in descriptions of how you actually tackled the challenges, which steps
were automagic and, if necessary, where manual intervention was required.

If your approach was published previously, please focus on what is relevant
for the CASMI challenges and improvements that have been made
since the last publication. All articles will be peer-reviewed
by at least two reviewers from the community. There is no actual page
limit, but the reviews will check that the length is adequate.

We ask you to send us ( your intent to submit
an article to the special issue (including a preliminary title
and author list), before heading into the holiday season.

Note that there is an Early-Bird-Bonus: MDPI will waive the article
processing charges if you send us a reply with your submission intent
by the end of this year! For articles announced after 01.01.2013
it will be the regular 300 CHF charge for the Metabolites journal.
For the authors’ instructions and online article submission
please see the details at http:// .

We wish you a happy Christmas and a successful New Year 2013!

Yours sincerely,
Emma Schymanski and Steffen Neumann

Important Dates:
31.03.2013    Submission deadline for full papers in the journal Metabolites (
31.12.2012    Last day of early-bird article pre-registration
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