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Help in GOLM metabolome database

Hello there,

I am a final year PhD student at The University of Sheffield, England. I am working on improving the metabolome coverage of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii by hyphanated MS based techniques like GC-MS & LC-MS.

I am using AMDIS & NIST 11 database for my GC-MS analysis. I have GC-EI-Quardrupole-MS (Thermo-finnigan).

I have used GOLM database before, but I need to format my laptop for some reason so today I went to download GOLM database to again, but I see there were too many libraries available to download.

Could you please suggest me which one I should download based on above information I have given. I want to cover as many metabolites as possible to improve the metabolome coverage through GC-MS technique.

I will really appreciate if you could guide me on which library is best suitable in my case which I can integrate with NIST & AMDIS. or else do i have to use more than one library to meet my research requirements.

Currently I am in my final phases of my PhD, so I will really appreciate if you could help me on this issue.

Thanking you in advance.