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Error when install metaXCMS

Today when I installed metaXCMS package in window 7 following the guildlines in the website(, everything was OK. But when I came to the sixth step(Run the metaXCMS), the program in R appear? Error: package' metaXCMS 'was built before the R version 3.0.0: you have to reinstall it).So I would like to consult you for some advice what should I do next?

Re: Error when install metaXCMS

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I have the same question. It seems like metaXCMS need to be installed in an old R version. But the xcms need to be installed in an newest R version.

Re: Error when install metaXCMS

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Dear friends,

I have the same error. I tried the old version of R, I tried to re-install.. And anyway it doesn't work.
Who knows the solution of it?
I see a lot of people have the same situation.
Could anybody helps me, please?

Thanks in advance