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Announcement: Computational mass spectrometry initiative

Dear all,

The task group “Computational Mass Spectrometry” [1] represents the CompMS [2] initiative in the Metabolomics society.
The CompMS initiative promotes the efficient, high quality analysis of mass spectrometry data
with state-of-the art computational tools and algorithms through dissemination and training in existing,
and coordination of new, innovative approaches. The CompMS initiative aims to exploit synergies
between different application domains, in particular proteomics and metabolomics.
The scientific remit of the group will include all aspects of computational method development
from signal processing, feature alignment and grouping, to development of metabolite identification algorithms
and metabolic network reconstruction.

The mission is to 1) build a community of scientists working in computational mass spectrometry,
2) integrate experimental and theoretical research, and 3) educate a new generation of computational scientists
via training and dissemination of results. The CompMS is a joint initiative between
the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB CoSI CompMS), the Human Proteome Organization
and its Computational Mass Spectrometry Initiative (HUPO CompMS), and the Metabolomics Society.

If you want to be involved in the task group, please contact Sebastian Böcker <sebastian.boecker (at) uni-jena (dot) de>
or Steffen Neumann <sneumann (at) ipb-halle (dot) de>, and/or subscribe to the CompMS mailing list at [3]
or subscribe by sending an e-mail to
[2] ... task-group
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Dr. Steffen Neumann         http://www.IPB-Halle.DE
Weinberg 3 06120 Halle     Tel. +49 (0) 345 5582 - 1470