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Coordinated session proposals for Dublin 2016

Dear all,

Next year's Metabolomics 2016 conference had a call for sessions and proposals (see below).

It would be great if we could coordinate some of the CompMS related proposals beforehand to ensure a good coverage of the topics we're interested in. Please add your suggestions to the overview document at [1] and form small session organising teams.

Everyone with the link can view, but you'll need to request edit permissions in the google doc, but that is only because then it's simpler to send messages to everyone who is involved.

Once we converged towards a set of sessions, the session teams will have to send their detailed proposal to the Dublin organisers by October 30, 2015

Sebastian Böcker and Steffen Neumann

[1] ... sp=sharing



URGENT: Open Call to Metabolomics Society Members for Scientific
Sessions and Workshops??
We are in the process of planning workshops and scientific sessions and
we welcome you to submit proposals for these important meetings. ??

Additional details can be found by clicking on the links below.
Do not delay – the proposals are due by October 30, 2015. ?

    ?Call for Scientific Sessions ?? ... pdated.pdf

  Call for Workshops ... s-2016.pdf
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