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Data Standards -Task Group Announcement

The remit of this Task Group is to leverage upon the past, current and future activities of MSI ( and HUPO-PSI ( communities on data standards. Our activities complements the work conducted within the Metabolite Identification, and data Quality Task Groups. We aim to (1) coordinate and promote interaction and integration between MSI and HUPO-PSI communities; (2) share and discuss infrastructure and bioinformatics activities and strategies in promotion, annotation and reporting of metabolomics data. This will be achieved through announcing tools, targeted publications, news groups, MetaboNews, dissemination of information through this forum, and your input <!-- s:) -->:)<!-- s:) --> .

Please visit to learn more.

And please join this active community and post your thoughts, question and ideas in this forum.

Re: Data Standards -Task Group Announcement

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We are now activity working on development of mzTab for metabolomics version 1.1. Note; updated documentation and specification are not public yet. We wold make that public soon. For reference have look at existing information: