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Computational mass spectrometry and metabolomics in Dublin

Dear CompMS community,

one of the big events this year will be the annual conference of the international Metabolomics society in Dublin (27.-30.6.2016, see, where around 1000 people can be expected to attend. Last year we coordinated several proposals for workshops and sessions, and we are delighted that ALL THREE proposed sessions got accepted! Among the other scientific topics like the session on “Advances in Statistical Tools”, we expect to have these sessions related to computational mass spectrometry and metabolomics:

  • New Approaches for Identification of Metabolites applying MS and NMR (Session team: Witting/Dunn)
  • Network and Pathway Analysis for Metabolomics (Session team: Willighagen/Jourdan)
  • Computational Mass Spectrometry (Session team: Neumann/Böcker)

There will also be these workshops :

  • Computational Workflows and Workflow Engines (Workshop lead: Christoph Steinbeck)
  • Workshop On Data Sharing and Standardisation (Workshop team: Reza Salek et al.)
  • metaRbolomics: The R toolbox for Metabolomics (Workshop team: Stanstrup/Neumann)

Of course, the official call for participation and papers by the conference organisers will follow in the next weeks, but you could already think about your contribution to make the workshops and sessions a whopping success!

the session and workshop organisers !
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