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Topic: XCMS data upload error: "zero file(s) to save" (Read 302 times) previous topic - next topic

  • lcphd2013
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XCMS data upload error: "zero file(s) to save"
Hello community! This is my first post on this forum, and I am also a brand new user of XCMS online.

I am trying to upload my data files files through the "Load new dataset" function. I drag and drop a few ".raw" folders into the upload area. Each file within that folder is displayed in the upload window, and each file has a green check mark next to it. I click the "Save dataset & proceed" button, and I get the following message: "Warning: there is/are zero file(s) to save". Also, the "Storage Quota Usage" remains at 0.00%, no matter how many files appear to be uploaded. I have tried this on two different computers and with three different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer); I get the same error message.

Can someone please help me troubleshoot? Thank you!