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printing diffreport to different folder

Hi All,

I would like to print my diffreport to a different folder than the one I'm currently in (i.e. print to a folder other than the one in which my mzxml files are located). Is there a way to do this, and if so, what is the command (my current command is reporttab<-diffreport(xset7, "KO", "WT", "outputfile", 1000)?

Thanks in advance,
Anna Mari

Re: printing diffreport to different folder

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It'll be something like this :
Code: [Select]
diffreport(xset7, "KO", "WT", file="NewDir/outputfile", eicmax=1000)

If you want to go back up one level/the directory before then it's ../ So...
Code: [Select]
diffreport(xset7, "KO", "WT", file="../outputfile", eicmax=1000)
diffreport(xset7, "KO", "WT", file="../diffreportsDIR/outputfile", eicmax=1000)
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