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Hi Folks,

Welcome to the Medical/Pharmaceutical Interest Group!

I am an active member of the metabolomics society and I would encourage other folks conducting metabolomics research in the medical or pharmaceutical development field to join the society and participate in this user group.  In particular I think like-minded scientists would be interested in how users in biomedical fields are employing the technology.  Questions of particular interest are:

a) Are your main interests clinical or preclinical?
b) What platforms do you use and on what types of samples?
c) What endpoints are you employing metabolomics for (e.g. biomarkers, mechanisms, safety assessment, etc)?
d) What is the focus of your research (e.g. oncology, metabolic diseases, safety assessment of pharmaceuticals, etc)?

Hopefully, the forum will grow with time and serve as a clearing house for new hot papers of biomedical interest.

To provide a little background about me...

I work at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Princeton, NJ USA.  We use metabolomics across the spectrum of pharmaceutical development from early preclinical efforts in animal models through clinical trials and manufacturing (fermentation analysis).  We utilize NMR, LCMS and GCMS for our analyses tending to breakdown the analysis using NMR for urine and LCMS and GCMS for serum (not an absolute).  We divide the work in that fashion mainly for pragmatic reasons (workload division).  Our workload (at least at the moment) is probably about 40% preclinical safety assessment, 40% clinical, and 20% other things (e.g. preclinical efficacy, manufacturing, etc).  Being in the pharmaceutical community, our focus is wherever new drug targets bring us, but I have found that recently it is heavily in the area of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, etc.  Of course safety assessment can take you into all kinds of interesting directions completely separated from the therapeutic target.  That is our group in a nutshell (no jokes please...).  Hope to hear from some more of you soon.

Don Robertson
Don Robertson


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I do not know if you can help me out. However, I am looking for an easy to go extraction protocol for metabolome of semen/seminal fluid for GCMS analyze. I have looked around for quit some time. I do not know where to begin etc. I want to set up for clinical application ...

All the best,