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  • gregoryking
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Metabolomics Study of Marine Plants
Good day everyone, I\'ve recently joined the group and was wondering whether anyone has done any work on marine plants?
I am interested to find out how similar or different metabolites are when comparing terrestrial, fresh water and marine plants. Furthermore, if there are any additional problems in MS analysis when dealing with marine samples.

Thank you
Hope to get along with everyone and to read some of your works

  • jtsanto
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Metabolomics Study of Marine Plants
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I think your question is too broad, as I don\'t see any responses. and I think we need to keep this forum up.  In the plant metabolomics I find that plants absorb and breakdown pesticides creating mutliple metabolites some of which are more toxic than the original substance to pollinators.  while no expert by any means I would think marine plants would absorb pollutants and metabolize them for release into the food chain, some of which may be more toxic than the original pollutant (oil by products, surfactants, detergents, pesticides, etc.).

MS is a also a broad application but fairly robust in its direct application.

  • david10
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Metabolomics Study of Marine Plants
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